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“This book touched me so deeply. It helped me touch in with my own grief, gently, and feel both greater connection to what really matters and deeper healing. I am so grateful!”

Leaves of Grass

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Dance Again by Nathan Peterson, Book Cover

“A book that should be read."

Dr. Larry Crabb

Best-selling author of Shattered Dreams

Dance Again: A Journey of Discovering How Grief Can Be Healing

This heart-touching and inspiring book from Nathan Peterson will accompany you on a journey to find deeper presence, connection, and healing, even in the mist of loss.

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From the Book

"You are frozen, but you are in the River’s Current, and the Current is moving. The Current is not stuck. And at least you are here. Most of your life you have been everywhere but where you are. Maybe here is not comfortable or clear. Maybe here is not ‘successful’ or famous. But here is where you are. This is life, and you are finally living it."..."The only way for Olivia to fade is for us to resume life as the people we used to be — something we can only do by pretending. It is tempting to pretend. The ‘new us’ is damaged goods, broken pieces of people from the past, in a pile on the floor. But we are real. And we are beautiful, even we are not functional…. Continuing life with Olivia. It isn’t possible apart from the pain and suffering we are experiencing. So we accept the pain and suffering as a gift."..."I am not in control. Freedom is on the other side of this truth. The most important things to us are outside of our control. Maybe that is why they are so valuable to us — we know they are only ours because they have been given."

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Praise for Dance Again

"This book is written is small entries, and can almost be used like a devotional, just reading little pieces at a time. There are no answers, no tidy endings, just precious reminders that we are not guaranteed to keep what we're given and we're called to be present in the "here and now" and love what we have and who we have to share it with. Personally, I'm always trying to move on to the next thing, specifically the next thing that will make me feel happy. Nathan is a great teacher, reminding us that in brokenness and sadness, fully embraced, there can be so much more than in happiness alone."—Mark Fabish, Amazon Reader

"Great ways to work through grief."—Amazon Reader

"As I began reading Nathan Peterson's book, I felt as if I was invading his privacy. It felt like I was reading his journal which, of course, that was the intent. As someone who has lost a child, I can attest that everything Nathan describes is painful and real. This is not a feel-good book. But it does speak to truth."—Robin, Amazon Reader

"Amazing book about a Father's Grief Journey... I just finished reading the book. I was only going to read a few pages and come back to it but read it straight through."—Giordano, Amazon Reader

"I expected this book to be an inspirational list of lessons about how God brought the author through his experience, and how God can do the same for you. This is NOT that book. It is much more personal. More real. More intense. It doesn't tie up grief into a little box and bow because that was not Nathan's journey. His was a path of steps forward and backward, with real frustrations and anger along with the moments of peace and rest. For him to give cut and dried answers would not be fair to his journey, or ours. Instead, through his honest frustrations it allows us to remember times in our own lives of loss and frustration - and allowing us permission to not have it all together."—Richard Gerberding, Amazon Reader

"A much needed balance to the 'best life now' philosophy."—Lew Button, Amazon Reader

"Nathan Peterson did not just write another book. he pulls back the curtain and talks about things in his life that mirror things in our lives."—Anne Peterson, Amazon Reader

"I loved the raw honesty in this book..the noticing and documenting each and every emotion and feeling, just as it showed up. This book will be of huge value and comfort to many people - thank you."—Anita Mistry, Amazon Reader

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Ebook includes: PDF, Kindle, iBooks files

Hear the Music

Dance Again: grief is healing is a collection of my writings from the year after our 1-year-old daughter passed away.I also recorded an album during this time, also called Dance Again. The album is available on all streaming platforms.

About Nathan Peterson

Nathan Peterson is an accomplished singer-songwriter and speaker known for his emotive, soulful music and insightful talks. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Nathan has released several albums, including two solo projects. His platinum solo release, 'So Am I', is especially noteworthy, having gained widespread admiration from fans across the world. Nathan's dynamic performances and powerful message have captivated audiences across the country.In addition to his music, Nathan is also a respected speaker who has delivered inspiring talks at conferences, workshops, and other events. Drawing on his own life experiences and struggles, Nathan shares his message of hope, healing, and resilience with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Nathan's unique, unscripted style of performance and speaking allows him to create an authentic connection with audiences, making each event a one-of-a-kind experience.Born in Chicago and raised in Germany, Colorado, and Illinois, Nathan's upbringing exposed him to a diverse array of cultures and musical traditions, which have influenced his unique sound. Today, he resides in Chicago with his wife and five children, where he continues to create music and speak to audiences around the world.

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Ebook includes: PDF, Kindle, iBooks files